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Pots For Year-Round Interest

Gardeners are relying more and more on planters to provide gardening space and colour in our modern, smaller outdoor spaces. There has been a lot posted online about incorporating year long interest into our gardens, but less on how to do so with pots.

My goal is to have my most prominent pots provide all year or close to all year interest. winter pot 400In early December I used cut branches and boughs accented with red bows and baubles to be part of my Christmas decorating. Rather than dismantling them completely in January I just removed the Christmas decorations and kept them intact as winter interest.spring pot 400

In early March they were starting to look sad. I removed the boughs. Then I used prunings from my blueberry bushes for height and added potted Tete a Tete miniature daffodils. Right now 4 inch pots of spring flowering bulbs are available at garden centres and most big box stores. The pots of daffodils can vary in price, I have seen them from $2.50 to $4 per pot. I have planted five pots into each planter and now my planters are looking very colourful.

An added bonus is that I will pull these daffodils out when they are finished blooming. I will keep them in a corner of the garden and will plant them around the garden next October for blooms next year!

My next step will be to put early summer flowering annuals in the pots when the daffodils are done, followed by some fall colour with chrysanthemums and dahlias. Thanks to Judy and Paul for the antique egg pot.

Stay tuned!

2019 Japanese Beetle Program Results

Japanese beetle

Dawson and Corbin came to our meeting in July and updated us on the work being done to try and control the invasive Japanese beetle. They have just released some key results from their work in 2019.

  • The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) detected an 86% reduction in Japanese Beetles in Vancouver compared to 2018.  
  • Similar to 2018, most (91.9%) of the Japanese beetles were caught in False Creek’s David Lam Park suggesting the incursion is still very centralized to this area. 
  • CFIA detected four Japanese beetles in traps outside of the regulated area and two beetles outside the treatment area, but still within the regulated area. 

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Wanted: Old Yellowed Christmas Sheet Music

Not quite garden related, but, since some of us are using this time to tidy up...Old Sheet music
I have a project going for which I am looking for some OLD hopefully yellowed Christmas sheet music (with lyrics) at least 6 separate songs... I had some from the Province paper from the 80's but of course I threw them away last year😉
If anyone is going to throw away such a thing I would greatly appreciate if you could save it for me.
Thank You