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July's 'Virtual' Showbench

No Judging! You get a 5 just for participating!

dogwood flowers

After our successful June showbench with 59 entries, we will do it again for July. And again, everyone who submits a photo gets a 5/5!
Theme: Celebrating the Burnaby Arts Council 50th Anniversary

Photos can be sent via an email attachment(s) or links to Google or iCloud Photos etc. to . Be sure to include the class number for each photo in the email.
Remember, most cell phones have an excellent cameras. If you would prefer to take your pictures with your cell phone and share them via text, please send an message to SBGC Information and we will send you a phone number you can text your pictures to.

  1. Deer Lake Gallery - a design showing water
  2. Gallery Music Series - a design of your own interpretation in-corporating a musical accessory(ies)
  3. Luminescence - a design of your own interpretation
  4. Heritage Burnaby - a traditional design

    Show Bench: Fruit, Flowers and Vegetable section must be from the member's gardens not borrowed or purchased.

  5. Hybrid Tea Rose - 1 specimen
  6. Floribunda Rose - 1 spray
  7. 1 bloom or spray of any other Rose
  8. Delphinium - 1 spike
  9. Iris - 1 stem
  10. Sweet Pea - 3 stems
  11. Astilbe - 3 Stems
  12. Lily - 1 stem
  13. Hosta - 3 leaves
  14. Radishes - 3
  15. Lettuce - 1 head
  16. Peas - 5 pods
  17. Lettuce AOV
  18. Vegetable AOV
  19. Strawberries - 5 berries
  20. Raspberries - 5 berries
  21. Collection Vegetables - 3 distinct kinds
  22. Potted Plant (see footnote below)
  23. Garden Sampler
  24. Anything not listed above

A potted plant can be a house plant, greenhouse plant or one grown outside. It should be in a clean pot that is of a suitable size and colour to the plant. When the judge is scoring the potted plant, if all things are equal the judge will give preference to a plant that is rare, unusual or difficult to grow (BCCGC Judging Manual, 2016)